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Helen's European Cuisine Case Study

Around the World with Helen's European Cuisine...

Helens has enjoyed a strong working partnership with Confoil for more than 10 years.  Boris Marinic, Helen’s Purchasing Manager, explains “the great range of products from Confoil combined with their excellent service has gone a long way to us continuing to grow our businesses together.  Their ability to deliver high quality products goes hand in hand with the high-quality handmade food we make for our customers across the country”.  Confoil is proud to have been associated with a successful local Australian business such as Helen’s European Cuisine. Twenty five years since they first started, Helen’s European Cuisine has grown to become the market leader in handmade specialty savoury and sweet foods throughout Australia.


With both business and product growth, Helen’s needed to consider the right type of packaging for their delicious foods. As Boris adds, “we needed a solution where the product could be cooked in the packaging itself.  This would save us double handling and make our production both more time and cost efficient”.  This is where Confoil’s muffin wraps, foil trays and in particular, Dualpak ready meal trays provided the perfect solution for Helen’s.  Boris says, “as the Dualpak tray is multifunctional - freezable, microwavable and ovenable – it was the best option for us”.  Confoil being a local Australian manufacturer has also been of great advantage and assistance to Helen’s.  “We have been able to work directly with Confoil to develop and customise products to suit our needs.  One such example has been the development and supply of black muffin wraps which has been great ongoing product for us”, Boris says. 


The story of Helen’s European Cuisine begins, quite simply, with the founder Helen Zeniou herself. Using recipes inspired by her own Mediterranean heritage and a passionate approach to cooking, Helen began her journey creating unique pastries, lasagnes and quiches for a single coffee shop. Word of mouth spread, Helen’s handmade meals encountered growing demand and Helen’s European Cuisine was created.  With their business growing fast, Helens had to quickly consider moving into a state-of-the-art commercial facility and expanded her team.

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Helens European Cuisine